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"A Hebrew Capriccio" is on tour in Germany.Here is a short video from a special concert at the Alte Synagogue of Petershagen.

The Opening piece of the  "Hebrew Capriccio"CD- "Arabah"  has been premiered both in Munster Germany at the "Desert Sound" Festival in Israel. here is a video from the way to "Desert Sound".

 Ariel  Lazarus on the european label 


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​New Video to "Acordéme de mi tañer" 

Germany, May 2017, Concert Tour excerpts

The CD "A Hebrew Capriccio" based on Ariel Lazarus's most intimate works has been released by the German based label Smoothfactor. Noches is one of the pieces on the CD and the video includes pencil drawings by the composer

Ariel's arrangment for the traditional judeo-español Canción "Adio Querida" as performed at the Israel Music festival with the Ma-Trio ensemble October 2016

2016-2017 Concerts 

Osnabrück DE
Donnerstag, 18. August · 19.30 Uhr
Gymnasium „In der Wüste“
Christlich-Jüdischer Garten –
Kromschröderstr 33 · 49080 Osnabrück

Minden DE
Freitag, 20. August · 19.30 Uhr

Lübbecke DE
Sonntag, 21. August · 18 Uhr
St.-Andreas-Kirche Lübbecke

Petershagen DE
Mittwoch, 24. August · 19 Uhr
Alte Synagoge Petershagen
Goebenstraße 5 und 7 · 32469 Petershagen

Bielefeld DE
Donnerstag, 25. August · 19.30 Uhr
Synagoge Beit Tikwa Bielefeld

2.9 17:30

Mediatheque holon, Holon IL

String Trio  Kablat Shabbat


Har Adar   IL

Duo Flute-Guitar "open the gate"


Raanana Beit Shmueli 

Duo Flute-Guitar "open the gate"

27.9  Kibutz Bet-Hashita Israel North

Duo Flute-Guitar   "open the gate"


7.10 17:30

Mediatheque holon, Holon

String Trio  Kablat Shabbat

10.10 12:30

The Cube, Elma Arts Center, Zichron Ya'acov

with Ensemble Matrio

Israel music festival


1.11. 17:30

Washington Hill Academic Music department

faculty Concert

4.11 17:30 
Mediatheque holon, Holon
String Trio  Kablat Shabbat

7.1.17 Israel Channel 1 TV show

with Shlomy Goldberg

1.3. 17 Rabin Center , TLV

8.3.17 BEIT Hatfutzot  TLV

Spring 2017 Germany tour:

10/5/17  19.30 Uhr, spielt das deutsch-israelische

Ariel-Lazarus-Ensemble- Jüdischen Gemeinde in Münster

11. Mai, 19.00 Uhr,  Alten Synagoge in Essen

22.06.17 TBA
Washington Hill Academic Center

Sephardi music talk and concert

26/9/17 Trio Aiviar

Suzanne Dalal Center TLV TBA