​​​​Ariel Lazarus 

​Composer  |   Guitarist   |  Lecturer

An Interview about the Orchestra and Live performance at Israeli public broadcast KAN 11: Cafe Gibraltar

New Video to "Acordéme de mi tañer" .

The CD "A Hebrew Capriccio" based on Ariel Lazarus's most intimate works has been released by the German based label Smoothfactor. Noches is one of the pieces on the CD and the video includes pencil drawings by the composer.

“Ariel Lazarus’s beautiful album blends together his roots in a natural and brilliantly performed way”

Noam Ben Ze’ev , Ha’aretz.

As from 2018 Ariel is co-founder and Musicl director of  the new national "Israeli Ladino Orchestra" which will be part of the Renanot institute for Jewish Music. here is  Ariel's music an arrangements of traditional judeo-español Canción "Morena"  for the new orchestra

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Ariel's guitar suite "Jerusalem de Sefarad" featured at the University of Lisbon. Reportage by Ana de Frias at the National Portuguese TV

 "Hebrew Capriccio"CD- Videos

 Ariel  Lazarus on the European label ​ Smoothfactor   

   Copyright © Ariel Lazarus

​​2018 Concerts & Events


Sephardi Music Concert & workshop

Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv University, TLV

​13.3. 18 Museum of Yemenite culture, Rehovot, IL

11.5 Park Ra'anana

17.6.18 Israeli Ladino Orchestra Debut

Bar Ilan Univ.

27.6-28.6 Lisbon Portugal, University of Lisbon 

Sephardi Culture Conference

world premier of "Jerusalem De Spharad"

1/9/18 Live Broadcast KAN 9 AM

2/9/18 Israeli Ladino Orchestra

Jerusalem new station Gula, 9 PM

27/9/18 Klezmer Festival

Yekev Gush Etzion

26/9/18 Israeli Ladino Orchestra

Jerusalem. Albocher Square 11 AM //  6 PM

22/10/18 Avivar Trio

Netiv H lamed Hey Kibbutz. Haela Valey Israel

28/10/18 Latin America Conference

Bar Ilan Univ.  7 PM

1/11/18 Avivar Trio

Lochamey Hagetatot Kibbutz, Israel 10 AM

Bar Ilan Univ.  7 PM

5/11/18 Israeli Ladino Orchestra with Andalusalam

Morroco Alliance event with guest stars.

Charles Bronfman philharmonic auditorium

Tel Aviv,  7 PM

20-27/11/18 Scandinavian Tour with OTS

Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö TBA

5/12/18 Renanot Conference Jerusalem.

20/12/18 Aivar Trio,  Givatayim, Israel