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The Gibraltar Suite for Cantor and Small Ensemble, 2004 Gibraltar Tercentenary

The Sepharad Symphony,  2004

Keter Malchut for Orchestra,  Raanana Symphony Orchestra 2006   

Dialogue, Concerto for Guitar and Youth Orchestra, Budapest,   Hungary 2008

Uri's Musical Box, Orchestral fantasy for children, comissioned by the Pais Arts Council 2010

​2014    Like a Fleeting Dream: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Ph.D Work

​2018  Shachar Abakeshcha, a Poem by Ibn Gabirol Composed for the Ladino  Orc.

2019  Ladino orchestral  arr. for Kobi Aflalo

2020 La Palmera y la Luna for guitar and orchestra

        Comissioned by the Arab Jewish Orchestra